Scotia Propane is Cape Breton’s leader in home and commercial propane delivery since 1999, equipment supply and customer service. Our fleet of bulk supply trucks and experienced technicians are on the job around the clock, serving customers across Cape Breton. From clean, safe storage of bulk propane at your home or business, and reliable delivery, to service and repairs on your gas fired boiler, water heater or furnace, Scotia Propane’s professionals provide you with excellent service and peace of mind.

Our reliable and safe propane products:

Bulk Propane

Propane storage tanks installation or replacement

Our outstanding customer service guarantee

Commercial propane delivery

Residential propane delivery

Auto delivery

Fireplace cleaning programs

Interest-free budget plans

Local billing

Our team of experts will help your to understand the benefits of propane-fueled appliances for your home or business. We can help you select the best products designed for you to enjoy lower energy costs and fit your lifestyle.

For a quote to design and install the ideal propane-fueled system for your home or business, click here.